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It's been a few weeks since my last update and since I was told to update I thought I might as well, especially since these last few weeks have actually been pretty eventful.

I've been really out of the "school-loop" and I haven't finished any of my homework assignments lately. I'm also pretty sure that I have a test and a paper due on Tuesday. The test of which I havent even taken time to look at the review for and the paper.. well.. I forgot what it's over. So it's come down to "sit and watch the extended harry potter movies on ABC Family while eating doughnuts and drinking Carnation instant breakfast" or "sit and finish my homework assignments."

That instant breakfast crap is awesome.
Score one for junk food and HP, yo!

Gotta love my logic.

But I have to work seven days in a ROW this week so it's going to be hard for me to find time to do homework period. Oh well!

In other news, however, I've never been so happy and yet so scared for my life. Why? Because Angie was at the podium at work today and I was coming back from lunch, so we exchanged smiles and then her smile got larger and I started feeling awkward. So she said, "Hey, I've been meaning to talk to you, you know. Keep it on the down-low, because we haven't officially announced it yet, but you and one other person got the CSM position!"

So I freaked out silently and to myself, told her she made my day, and resisted hugging her.

I didn't actually expect to get it. I have the least experience of anyone I know there, really. This is my first real job and I don't even know service desk yet. But I did point out to her during the CSM interview that I knew that I needed extensive training but that I was definately up to it. But I kinda want to know WHY I got it. It's gonna kill me. And who the other person is, too. I'd like to know that. I hope it's a guy. Justin and Justin just aren't cutting it XD

On that note.. The other Justin was singing Christmas carols today and wearing that retarded elf-hat, and I told him he scared me a little. And Justin-Justin shaved! OMG! I hate it when he does that! It's so freaky, and I always do a double-take XD "Eh? Oh, it's Justin!"

Anyways. Because of my good mood everything seems brighter, and thus I actually gathered up enough cells in my brain to conquer a new layout for shinjuu!!

Collapse )

Ah, I'm pretty proud of myself. It's kind of dark, but who cares. I like it.

Random change now! Snow. yes, snow. HERE. And yes, I played in it. And made an 18" snowman that is still alive.. sorta. And I took pictures, but the layout took all my attention span, so they'll have to wait. Uhh.. and yeah. That's all. Work, new layout, snow.. my last two weeks or so in a nutshell. Now it's time for bed because my eyes itch like all hell. Later.
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Sooo, I'm pretty indifferent to today. Not all was good, but not all was bad.

I found out today that tomorrow is the last day to withdraw from a class with a W instead of an F. But I have no idea what my grades ARE! I'm sure I have a D or an F in History, but I'm passing my other classes with flying colors! shit. But maybe I can make my grade better if I study harder for the next test. I've been participating a little more in class to boost it up a little, but I don't know what it'll do. I completely forgot about the online discussions that I'm supposed to take part in too. But it never lets me onto the board anyway, so it's not my fault. Oh well. I really don't care about that class. If I have to take it again, I don't plan on getting Catarall. I mean, sure he's fun and I enjoy the class, but I hate his grading system and the way he sets up his quizzes. And shit, NO ONE is passing his class!

But during lunch I finished my outline for english. I chose to be for capital punishment instead of against. For is easier to write a paper over. And we were talking about websites we quoted from and both Cody and myself had MSN Encarta and for some reason he started talking to me >3 So did Mark. Mark is so weird, but cool. And now that I've started showing signs of life in the classroom I think the "chinese-english-teacher-thing" is starting to like me a little more.

But on the topic of work! AUGH.

Tonight they didn't even send me to layaway at all, and I was pissed. I was on a register for an hour and a half and they sent me to break, and then they sat me on the South door to greet for three fucking hours or so! Then my last 45 mins was spent standing at a register because no one was checking out.

Augh. And I hate door greeting with a passion. My stalker bothered me. He's noticed I try to ignore him, so he either ignores me back or says "SHUT UP... just joking" so I just stare at him and then look away with an eyebrow raised. Which I think pisses him off, but oh well. The new cart crew kid is nice though. But I also had this 14 yr old come up and flirt with me for a good twenty minutes. FUCK. Wouldn't leave me alone! He talked about hunting a turkey, gutting it, and cutting off its neck! gawd I didn't want to hear that. And he finally left me alone after a while. Which made me nice and happy.

Then Eddie flirted with me. But I'm used to it. He's just weird like that. I gave him permission to flirt with me next week, too. XD Man, he's weird.

OOH, and I almost got my stalker in trouble (it hurts to say his name). Kevin was outside rallying up the carts and was getting pissed because he had JUST seen him come through the doors but couldn't find him now and he was supposed to be cart crewing. So Kevin asked me who he was, I told him, he made fun of my not wanting to sit in the scooter-thing to drive it over to the wall, then he left. I like Kevin. Even if he is an odd one..

Also found out tonight that they're gonna get that baby outta Jenny's belly next weekend. Yay! She looks like she's gonna pop.

Hm, but that's enough random facts for today. Time to fill my Goonzu addiction.
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Sooo.. yeah. Yesterday April walked up to me and said, "Hey, you wanna learn Layaway?" I nod furiously. She grins, "GO!"

So I'm back in layaway, randomly being called back to check in the front, and then today I was randomly thrown in jewelry to do her lunch. Charline calls me and says that since I have a general knowledge of layaway I'll do fine in jewelry, but I tell her I don't know how to DO layaway yet, so she tells me I can call her and she'll walk me through it. When I get there though, and need help, NO ONE answers the phone at the podium! NO ONE! Me no likey jewelry.

But I do, however, LOVE layaway! Time FLIES back there and I feel like I'm not doing a thing! Sure, I've only checked one customer, but the rest of the time I was binning, assigning bins in the system, and highlighting names and accounts on the satellite report. And it's really fun back there, too. Julia feels like she should be family, I swear. I love that woman. And Megan is nice. I've always liked her. But Dana.. Ugh. She's nice. But she's.. dumb. Julia and Megan don't like her. But Mickey is okay, I guess. But he tries to take on too much at a time. And I think Charles is in layaway too, but he wasn't there today.

Oh yeah, and now I know how to properly box things :D This lady came back there today with like 10 items and Dana and I thought five boxes would work, but then we were looking at them after she had printed off five labels, and she pulled out this HUGE ass box. We fit it ALL in there and when we finished we both threw our arms into the air and shouted "YES!" and laughed maniacally. Julia gave us looks and copied us and yelled "TEAMWORK!" loud enough to raise the dead.. XD ah, these are the days of our lives.

And I'll never forget this:

Julia: *looking at reciepts* I saw a Tim Cox here somewhere... *looks through the stack*
(after a while) Aha! I found Tim's cock!
Dana: *looks at her, mouth gaping* You did??
Me: *snickering in her littler corner*
Julia: I mean! I found Tim Cox, not Tim's cock! omg!
Me & Dana: XD

Hm. And now to mention the other news... Lori came up to me yesterday too (yesterday was just damn eventful!) and asked "Has Angie talked to you?" which made everyone turn and stare at me. I was freaking out and told her no. I don't like to hear that a manager wants to talk to me. But they let me off a little early so I could go talk to her. And it turns out she wanted to interview me.. for the CSM POSITION. omg.

Two other people are being interviewed too though. I doubt I'll get it, but I'll be happy if I can stay in layaway until it's killed, and then hopefully I can ask to be trained to do service desk (Randy wishes I knew it, too!), which would make me happy. Tonight Randy had to go home and had no one to take his place, so they pulled Amanda to do it. grrr. That could have been me!

But I'm really surprised as to how many people actually know my name now. Did I do something? This random associate (sure I see him when I'm walking back and forth every so often) came back there and said hi to everyone and then paused "...helloooo Samantha." I turn around, freaked out, and he grins stupidly "couldn't leave you out." And NO, he couldn't see my name tag, Walker. buttface.

But now, change of subject.

Grave of the Fireflies? By Miyazaki? yeah. Most depressing movie I've ever seen, besides King Kong. I died a little inside. And I can't believe it's based on real life and that guy wrote a book about it, and he really watched his *SPOILER* geez. So depressing. And it was on TCM. Eh? I won't argue with it though. But now they're showing "The Adventures of Prince Akhmed" which is a silent German film featuring shadow puppets, from 1926. So.. I'm recording it. Magic carpet is a flying horse in this story.. and it's just now getting to a magic lamp, an hour into the movie. *blink* I never read Arabian Nights. The song from Aladdin would plague my head and I'd never get it finished.

hee hee. But that's all for now. I got scarves to work on. ciao!
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Oh, le sigh... I just now realized that if the paper is due tomorrow, then it's not due by 11:59 TONIGHT, it's due by 11:59 TOMORROW.

Oh well, at least I got it over with. I think I might have went a little too into details about the history instead of the actual rebellion.. but at least I wrote the paper! So now I'm completely caught up with my course work (besides printing a hard copy of my English essay).

Wait.. I had Math homework.. >.<

Ah well, get there early and hope she goes over it, I guess. Seriously, does she think we're all students who have 24/7 to do homework? Assigning us 5 problems! But actually it's about 20, because each problem has an A, B, C, etc to it! Grr!

Ooh! And today, in Italian, she gave us a list of all the verbs that are covered in the book. Not only that, but she gave us a couple pages of Italian recipes! Mmm, can you say "yummy Italian christmas?" I can.

But all this writing about Rokhshan and the Tang dynasty makes me want to draw a picture. I mean, the Chinese are scared, they ask the Uighers for help, the Uighers say "let me pillage one of your villages and you got a deal, yo!" and they Chinese say "okay!" I mean, come ON! Don't you want to draw that out too? Or is it just me.. :3

And man, I want to quit Walmart so bad. Tonight I was the only cashier on a belt (south end) for about two hours! I didn't have a chance to breathe until a quarter til 10! AUGH. Come work for Walmart.. PLEASE! And I'm also extremely pissed off that they're letting new cashiers (and minors, nonetheless) train for Customer Service, when I specifically told them months ago that I wanted to. *steams*

I'm done ranting... sleepy time!
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I've got a two page report due by 11:59 tonight over one event that two people from "Life Along the Silk Road" encountered, or had knowledge of.

Ohhh, Rokhshan, you silly rebel, you. Who cares if the Princess doesn't talk about you a lot! Your rebellion is my story :D

The Horseman goes in-depth on the rebellion while the Princess mentions it, talking about the aftermath and the Uighers, and not to mention foreign problems here and there. But since technically his rebellion is the reason that the Uighers moved into China and the Princess is being married off to a Uigher, it's a good event to write a paper over, don't you think?

Ah well.

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Ahhh. The holidays are coming, the holidays are coming! >.<

Yeah, it's been a while. Thought my page deserved a lil' HxD comic of sorts.

Anyway! Man, I'm totally passing Math and I'm close to failing History. How wierd is that? I usually suck at math and rock at history. Hee. This isn't good, no, no no.

Hm. And I've also skipped English two days in a row, and today I also skipped Government. But he's just a talking book anyway, so I didn't miss anything. But I went to Hobby Lobby today and spent $46 on art supplies I'll never figure out (I lost my watercolour abilities! no!), but I saw Steven's mommy (why do I always call her that?), and I even proclaimed, "*gasp* Steven's mommy!" So I told her about Steven skipping class too >3 She was buying a lot of fake plants.. uh. yeah.

In Italian these last couple days we've just been conjugating the -are verbs. Cantare! I've always wanted to conjugate that :D Canto! Lalala! And I'm enrolled in it for next semester, so I'm really excited now. And I also ordered the Japanese textbook/workbook that Steven's using at OU so I can learn at my own pace for a while. I was thinking about going for Korean, but I think that was just the Goonzu in me talking.

And alas, my porn has yet to come in.. XD My yaoi manga, you know. They might not even be here until December 5! Raawr.

But for a last, very random note..

I got Reader's Choice "Best Grocery Bagger" in the Duncan Banner.

Please kill me.
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Blaah. I just spent the last hour trying to figure out a good schedule for next semester. This is how I have it:

Tuesdays and Thursdays
US History to 1865 / 9:30 - 10:45
General Biology / 11:00 - 12:15
English Comp II / 12:30 - 1:45
General Bio Lab (only Tuesday) / 2:00 - 3:50

Mon, Wed, and Fri, In Duncan
Wellness and Exercise (only Mon and Wed) / 11:00 - 11:50
Beginning Italian II / 1:00 - 1:50

It turns out that if you take General Bio you also have to take the Lab the same semester. And If I understand it right, General Bio + Bio Lab = 4 credit hours. And since Wellness and Exercise is only 2 credit hours, all these classes = 15 credit hours.

So that means that on Tuesdays I won't be able to go into work until 5:30 or 6:00. But it also means that on Thursdays I'll get out of class at 1:45! So it's all good :D And on Fridays I'll only have Italian.

And I was going to take Modern Civilizations (which is like the sequel to Early World, what I'm taking now) but it's only on Mon, Wed,and Fri :( So that makes me sad. But Dr. Catarall isn't teaching any of them anyway, so I don't care. But I'm hoping that I get my advisor for my US History course. He seems kinda off too XD

And you can also see that there are only 15 minutes between my Tuesday and Thursday classes. That's because I hate breaks. I just want to get classes over with. I can always grab a snack from a vending machine, anyway.

And ya know (random), I'm really hesitant when it comes to making phonecalls and stuff, so I usually ask my mom to do it for me. I needed to set up an appointment to go enroll, and every time she tried to call she would get the answering machine. So I came home today and finally got the guts to do it myself, and lo and behold I got through the line and talked to the crazy man, setting up an appointment for 9:00 in the morning.

After that I had a huge boost of energy and adreneline, so I was really hyped at work tonight. My IPH was 600 and I was popping Jolly Ranchers like they were nicotine. And that one guy kept staring at me, but I didn't care because I was too crazy. Charlene was awesome as usual. And etcetera, etcetera. But I'm tired of all these minors working XD All they do is gab and NOT REDLINE. Gah.

And I went to Brahms tonight because I was starving. They didn't answer me when I came through the drive through, so I went inside instead. My brother was with me and the lady asked him what he wanted and he said, "Um.. well, a large...mix?" And she did a snooty little "AND?" head-bob-sway and said "What SIZE? What kind?" So I gave her a look, "He wants a LARGE, like he said, MIX, and make it Reese's." She was bitch. And she gave me the wrong burger. Sure, I ate it anyway, but I'm still pissed.

So maybe they were closing. They could have TOLD us that instead of being bitches. Christ. I hate people.

But whatever. Enrollment tomorrow, Italian, playing more Goonzu and Magna Carta, then possible Saw III with Walker! (maybe Steven if he's in town) Ciao!
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It's like Legend of Dragoon, only prettier and I curse more :D

So today, instead of doing my homework and studying for my tests, I played it for three hours. Including three hours last night, too. And today, I was, ya know.. "fighty-fighty-kill, omg i beat them! squee!" and then.. DIED. Two hours of gameplay. GRRRR.

But I heart Azel (but not his voice. can you say "lishp"?).. And Calintz is a butt. He levels up too fast. And I thought I would like Chris but he sucks. But Reith pwns. Stand close enough to the rest of your party and you can heal them all! Yay! And I like how if you squat in safe areas you gain HP back. Saves items, ya know. But sadly I work tomorrow after school and won't have time to play it until after 10pm. But then I'll be awake until 5am playing it :D

Go me.

And today I had this weird amount of motivation and energy, so I harassed my brother until he helped me put my futon bed together. But now my room is a mess..! Bah.

*snickers* The Twilight Zone makes me laugh. And it's really hurting my eyes.. *blinks*

Class tomorrow!! I'd better sleep...
MAN I don't wanna work! :(

omg! From 11pm to 5am Halloween, Ghost Hunters is going LIVE from the place in The Shining!!!!! I'm so staying awake for that!

...can you say random?
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